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English Tutor (Ages 2.5 - 17)

Hello! My name is Denise, or you could call me teacher Denise.
I believe that as a teacher, we are the ones that help mould the minds of the future especially when you are teaching kids from a young age. I want to be able to not only share my knowledge to my students but also shape them into being someone who is diligent, and-working, open-minded, positive and most importantly, kind. It is very important to create a good atmosphere within a classroom and to form good relationships between teacher and student(s).
My teaching methodology is to make the lessons interactive and fun to keep the students engaged so they can learn in a fun way.
Up till now, I have had about 4 years of experience teaching learners aged from 2.5 - 17. I have worked both privately and at various tutor centres, teaching a range of things like phonics, grammar, DSE English, UK 11+ entrance exam prep and more.
I'd like to think that I am a very positive person and full of energy to teach young learners. I really enjoy teaching young learners and it is something I am very passionate about.

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