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Find the best Hong Kong private English tutors with Tutor Seek. It's free to use, quick and easy. Post ads for teaching jobs in Hong Kong and quickly have qualified English tutors contact you.

Are you having trouble with phonics? Or perhaps English grammar inconsistencies are getting you down? Gain confidence and improve quickly by booking a lesson with a native English teacher today. Browse through our extensive profile list of Hong Kong English tutors above, and improve your language proficiency post-haste! Learning languages is hard; and English especially so. Turbo boost your progress by having a tutoring session with a qualified English teacher.

Receiving guidance from an experienced tutor has many advantages, first and foremost that you will receive individualised attention. Learning in a classroom environment is great as you get to interact with others as part of the learning process, but when something is difficult or it doesn't stick, it helps to have the focused attention only a private tutor can provide. One of the most important factors when learning any language is immersion.

For conversational lessons, it's critical when choosing a tutor to ensure they are completely fluent and without a strong accent which might hamper your pronunciation. A native speaker is generally preferable in this situation. When learning the rules of a language, the grammar, sometimes a native speaker may in fact not be best. When we learn language naturally as children, we learn by copying and using it rather than matching it to a set of rules, so often if a native speaker hasn't studied the grammar later on, they will know what is correct but be unable to tell you specifically why. So no one tutor may be best for every aspect of your journey, get in touch with a few different tutors and gauge what their strengths are.

Homework Tutors

Homework tutors are great for building confidence and getting ahead in school. Often if a student is struggling with a concept, being guided by a homework tutor can mean the difference between falling behind or progressing. Homework tuition can also help with motivation and setting a study schedule. It's easy to put things off when you're only accountable to yourself but with a homework tutor, scheduled study sessions become habit.

English Interest Classes

Much like employing a one-to-one english tutor, group English interest classes can be highly beneficial. It doesn't need to be a large group like a class at school, it would usually be a few students of comparable fluency able to practice conversing with each other whilst being instructed by the English tutor. A group English interest class like this can provide a different perspective to a one-to-one lesson as the students can observe others making mistakes and help each other improve.

Many English tutors on Tutor Seek are also able to cater for group English interest classes in addition to one-on-one classes.