How It Works


Tutor Seek connects students, tutors and schools, within a unified easy-to-use platform.

Learn Anything, Teach Anything

Tutor Seek isn't limited to just school exam preparation and academic pursuits (although we're excellent for that too!), we provide connections to tutors, students and schools for any subject. If your subject doesn't exist yet, simply add it! Find a football coach, learn a language with a native speaker, improve your cooking skills with an experienced chef, the possibilities are endless!

Perhaps you've got some skills you would like to pass on whilst supplementing your salary, or maybe even looking to quit your day job and take up tutoring full time. With Tutor Seek, you can. Set up your free profile page, write a short bio about yourself, list your subjects, upload your profile photo and put it online! You could even add a photo gallery showing off your skills, or a video introducing yourself face to face. Don't just wait for students to contact you, browse the job posts and see what opportunities are already available.

But Wait, There's More!

In addition to free tutor listings and free job posts from potential students, Tutor Seek also provides free listings for all types of schools. Now when we say schools, we're not just talking about traditional institutions such as universities, secondary schools, primary schools or kindergartens; we mean any company or organisation that offers classes or sessions with educational value. Find a driving school, take a beer-brewing class at a local brewery, or even become a kung fu master at a martial arts club.

School user accounts combine the benefits of both tutor accounts and student accounts. School users get their own profile page that's listed by their branch locations and the subjects they teach. However, they can also post jobs when they're looking to find new teaching staff. Did we mention job postings are free?

Tutor Seek Messenger

The Tutor Seek Messenger is an instant messaging system built right into your account dashboard. Immediately see incoming messages from other users seeking to contact you, or easily contact others via their profile page and job listings. Communicating in this way keeps your contact details private and safe. Of course, if you'd prefer to chat with someone via different means, you're absolutely welcome to. There's no obligation to use the Tutor Seek Messenger beyond the initial contact. You can learn more about the Tutor Seek Messenger here.