Edit Your Profile

Edit Your Profile

Once your have an account and you're logged in you'll be taken to the user dashboard.

From here you can see if you have any unread messages, edit your profile, view your profile if already online and edit any jobs if your account type allows it.

Click on "Edit Profile" and you'll be taken to a list of items you can edit. We'll cover each of them in the list below. Some will only be available for certain account types; for example a student account does not have a profile page, and a tutor account does not post jobs.

Edit Content

Tutors and Schools only

This is the main text content of your profile page. On the Edit Content screen there is a headline field, a content field and for school accounts; a school name field.

The headline is displayed at the top of your profile page in bold and is also shown in search results listings. If you are on the Featured plan, your headline will also be listed on home page listings and on other users' dashboards.

The content field controls the main chunk of text on your profile page. Tutors can use this to give details about their skills, teaching style and experience. Schools can use this to introduce their institution.

All text fields have language switching controls so you can enter your information in more than one language if you like. If you only want a single language, just keep the others blank and your default language will be used on your profile no matter what language the viewer is using.

Edit Job Posts

Students and Schools only

This is where you can edit your job posts. Basic accounts get one free basic job post and Featured accounts get up to five featured jobs.

Edit Subjects

Tutors and Schools only

Here you edit the list of subjects you teach. You can add, remove, and reorder them. Users will search via these subjects to find your profile. If the subject you're looking for isn't listed yet, you can create a temporary custom subject which will be reviewed by the TutorSeek team in the next 24 hours. If approved, then other users will also be able to list that subject and search with it.

Edit Class List

Tutors and Schools only

Tutors and school accounts can list the classes they offer on their profile page. The edit page displays a grid where you can add a new class, remove a class or reorder the list. Reordering can either be done with the arrow icons or drag-and-drop by pressing and holding on the first column.

When adding a class you can type in the subject you're teaching, a description of the class (class length, online or face-to-face, number of students etc.), as well as optionally displaying a price for each class. All fields allow you to enter your information in multiple languages.

Edit Location

Tutors only

Tutor accounts can set their location, which allows people to find their profile page in search results when filtered by location.

Edit Branches

Schools only

School accounts can display a list of all their branches and add markers to the schools map. This allows users to see the location of each branch at a glance. To add a branch, simply select the location and then enter the phone number and address. The address can be entered in multiple languages if so desired. Use the zoom controls on the map preview window to display the marker optimally. To add more than one branch, click on "Add New Location" at the bottom.

Edit Banner Image

Schools only

School accounts have a banner image that can be displayed as a background at the top of their profile page. It is also used as the primary image for featured listings if upgraded to the Featured plan. Images should be under 1 MB or the upload will be refused. Select the image, use the cropping tools in the pop-up window to position the image suitably, then save to upload.

Edit Image Gallery

Tutors and Schools only - Early Bird plan and above

Available to tutor and school accounts on the Early Bird plan or above. Add an image gallery to your profile page where you can display your classes in action, or perhaps demonstrating the skill/subject you teach. All uploads must be under 1 MB and you can have up to 8 images in total.

Edit Video

Tutors and Schools only - Early Bird plan and above

School and tutor accounts on the Early Bird plan or above are able to add a video to their profile page. A short video is a great way to introduce yourself or your school to potential students.

Currently TutorSeek only allows YouTube videos. Record a video and upload it to your YouTube account. You can set it to private if you don't want others to find it in YouTube's search results. Copy and paste the URL into the "Add a Video" field and click the Embed button. It will then display on your profile page.