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Hello everyone! 😊 My Name is William originally from London and I have been teaching English in Hong Kong for the last five years (learning centers and international kindgeraten) I love to provide friendly and engaging lessons for my students! (online, group and one on one) πŸ™πŸ₯³

Over the last five years I have planned and delivered English Language lessons to a wide range of students including children aged 3-15 years. My roles included:
● Providing lessons which are differentiated and take account of the individual abilities and needs of each student.
● Giving one-on-one attention to each student while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.
● Educating students in the basics of English grammar, phonics, writing and conversational speaking.
● Administering and grading tests and assignments to evaluate student progress.
Main Focus:
● Teaching Phonics to students aged between 3-12
● Teaching Cambridge courses to students aged between 4-12 and preparing them for their exams
( Also a great deal of experience teaching reading and writing and grammar and spelling)
● Integrating my own games and activities in lessons to engage students

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