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Student, geek, but first and foremost: aspiring computer scientist.

Just having completed the IB Diploma with 41 points, I studied Higher Level Computer Science, Physics and Psychology at West Island School.

While also being naturally outgoing, I have built my interpersonal skills through a plethora of leadership opportunities, such as being a Senior Digital Leader, co-founding the very first Spanish Club at our school, and frequently being a part of planning large, school-wide events, such as fundraisers for UNICEF Club. Through the aforementioned activities and much more, I have gained knowledge about the importance of effective communication and leadership.

In the future, I look forward to engaging with my peers both in and outside of the classroom, and plan to take advantage of opportunities for more internships, more volunteering, and more professional experience, all of which I can only hope will prepare me with the appropriate tools to have a head-start in the ever-evolving industry of technology.

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