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Art and STEAM Projects and Portfolios (Custom)

Stay Inspired! 21yrs experience: Artist, creative writer, and technology projects. Want to go to Art School or build a Technology Portfolio? I have a track record for great scores and University placement by helping students create amazing projects for University Portfolios.

I help students take their talents, interests, and goals from idea to portfolio or product. Previous students have gotten into top-tier schools. Whether you need help finishing a portfolio or want the full program from age 12-18, I can help you get where you want to go with the skills and insights to keep you there. Full service K-12 from initial project idea to documentation website and application essay support. I have taught all grade levels up to university. [email protected]

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Class Types




Art Portfolios for AP, GCSE, or A-Level
$500 per 1/2hr
We will build a portfolio worthy of admission to the best art schools. This requires depth, breadth and authentic personal connection. Basically this means, I will help you find your artistic vision to help you define and achieve your goals. I help students get into their dream schools.
Art History
$400HKD per 1/2hr
**Learn art history and true visual literacy. Useful for AP Art History, museum studies and visual literacy. I include writing about art, the history of technology and in-depth study of master artist sketchbooks. This is a hands-on class. Artistic "talent" not required.**
Find Your Inner Artist
$350HKD per 1/2hr
**This class is for adults who want to explore their artistic talents. This class leads into specialist classes like sketchbooks for illustrators, travel journals, planning master works and many more.**
Tech Projects
$600HKD per 1/2hr
Want to be an inventor or entrepreneur? I lead students from idea to product. This can be software or a physical device, toys or even experiences. Project management, design thinking, problem solving and lots more. Previous student won the HK Innovation & Technology Contest 2021.
Technology Development
$450 per 1/2hr
**Starting at age 10-13, students can begin to start building projects. Past projects have included building your own gamin PC, water filtration studies, building simple electronic devices, 3D printing, building a remote control boat or car from scratch, coding and more.**
Artist Studies
$300 per 1/2hr
Learn to draw, paint or sculpt like an artist you admire. You will learn in-depth knowledge about the artist, how the work, how they think and plan, and how the world responds to their art.
Sketchbooks of the Masters
$500 per 1/2hr
**Learn how master art geniuses plan their works, what they are thinking about before and after they make their greatest art and the habits of people who know how to show us who we are through visual art, electronic media, performance, paintings and more!**
**Learn the basics of drawing, painting, digital s
$300HKD per 1/2hr
Learn the basics of drawing, painting, digital sculpture and digital art
Learn to Write Formal Poetry
$300HKD per 1/2hr
Formal poetry is the foundation of lyrical writing. These forms also build a sense of the history of poetics. Learn to write sonnets, villanelles, ballades and much more.
Custom Courses
$500 per 1/2hr
Propose a course of study and I will create a custom proposal to help you reach your goals.