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We offer one on one STEM tutoring services for IB, A-Levels, O-Levels and IGCSE curriculum. Alongside, we also offer personalized private lessons for extra-curricular STEM courses in the field of Computer Science.

We are an EdTech company based at the University of Hong Kong, which aims to provide secondary school students with a pathway to universities abroad by building their tech portfolio with tutors and counselors online from elite universities around the world.

We offer a range of courses to select from as well as private tutoring for STEM-related topics taught by instructors from elite universities in the US, UK, etc. With our carefully curated content, students can learn Scratch, Python, Java, Game Development, Web development, Algorithmic design, and much more! We also provide exclusive portfolio-building services for students by scheduling sessions with our foreign instructors to share their experiences about their university, admission process, and tips to make them competitive ensuring our students become confident about their choice of university and application processes.

Our counselors stay in touch with our students to ensure they get the right skills and projects to make their portfolio stand out. At very reasonable rates, we turn students' plans for education abroad into reality!

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(We offer one free trial session) International Curriculum Tutoring: -Excellent for students who want to strengthen their concepts and ace IB/CAIE exams). Private Coding Course: - Ideal for students who thrive in 1:1 settings. Small Group Course: -Best for learners who enjoy learning with peers.