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Offer tutoring services for IBMYP/IBDP, IGCSE, NSW, DSE Math

- Graduated from University of California, Irvine with Honors B.S in Mathematics
- Currently teaching in an international school, take tutoring jobs afternoon to night.
- 5 years of teaching experiences, tutoring students from local and international schools (e.g. CDNIS, Island schools, VSA, AISHK, Kellett school etc).
- Helped a student to get Perfect Score 45/45 in IB 2023
- Students were accepted into University of Hong Kong, University of British Columbia, University of Sydney and Durham University

Can help you with:
- IBDP both math AA & AI SL/HL
- IBMYP math
- IGCSE math
- HKDSE math Core/M1/M2

Whatsapp 9573 7454 for more details :)

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