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Aussie Mum with a Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching


I am an Aussie Mum of 3 (9 years old, 7 and 3) currently living in Sai Kung. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree obtained from the University of Tasmania, majoring in English and Journalism. I also have a Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching, obtained from Central Queensland University.
I have worked as a relief teacher in Queensland Australia, with primary school children. I have also worked with a private company to deliver adult training programs, relevant to that company.

For the last few years, I have been homeschooling my eldest son. He had been struggling to keep up in the school system, falling behind his peers, losing confidence in himself. He is now a fantastic reader and is attending a local Waldorf school here in Hong Kong.

I am available to help and support anyone with their English in ways that are tailored to individual needs.
It can be fun and play-based or we can be textbook, pen and paper style. It is up to all involved to work together to obtain the progress you desire.

Happy to work in Sai Kung or TKO areas.
Kind Regards
Sherreden Kearns.

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