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Beginner English Tutor - In the process of becoming certified

Hi, my name is Shannon-Rose. I am 20 years old, from South Africa, my first language is English.

I am in the process of gaining a 300-hour i-to-t TEFL qualification, I have experience being a teaching assistant in relation to P1's to P6's. I currently work every Saturday, every month. I study on the side.

I enjoy approaching English teaching in a friendly manner, I like to communicate with students openly, and I'm respectful towards all learners. I have a method of trying my best to present as easily approachable, fair, and stern when needed. I am very understanding of special needs and disabilities, I have experience with young children more than older children or adults.

I can offer help with homework, vocab learning, grammar work, pronunciation, spelling adjustment, conversational English, English assignments, and more.

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English Language
$350-$500 per hour.
I do various classes, I can do online classes for 1 hour, 1 hour face-to-face classes, longer sessions (if asked), Whatsapp sessions, etc.