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Native English-speaking uni student and IB Diploma holder with experience in coordination coaching and babysitting!

As an occupational therapy student at the University of Queensland, I strongly believe that a child’s performance in school can be improved in a number of ways. This is why I have never held on to one single teaching method.

I find that everyone, especially young children, learn best when taught in the environment they are most comfortable in. After spending time with the children I tutor/coach and establishing their hobbies, motivations, and English proficiency (and after building the child’s trust in me), I like to play some games revolving around their interests and some that are more focused on important and useful grammar and vocabulary (these ones are often driven by a reward system). I try to have the child complete short assessments when I feel they would be beneficial for their learning without letting them know they are being tested.

I’ve used these techniques in the Kowloon Cricket Club Junior Cricket Program coaching 4-8 year old children in coordination and 8-10 year olds in cricket basics. I also did some babysitting, looking after children between the ages of 6 and 11. The children I tutor and coach enjoy my relaxed tutoring methods, my energetic and outgoing personality, and my words of encouragement (which may of may not be accompanied by small rewards such as additional game time, stickers, or even sweets!) 😉

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