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Learn or improve English literacy skills with www.commongroundliteracy.com. There are choices for everyone who wishes to improve their English voice.

Hello, my name is Teacher Mike and I run www.commongroundliteracy.com.

I offer a range of literacy classes and specialize in teaching children ages 3-8 and preparing them for learning and using English in their lives and at school. Check out the website to learn about other classes I offer and all the different aspects of my classes and literacy education.

I provide everything needed for class, from all class materials and worksheets, to an original assessment method (Literacy Assessment Report), big and small prizes, and anything else required to nurture and encourage the positive growth of my students.

Information about my classes can be found at https://www.commongroundliteracy.com/why-cgl.html

I have been teaching for over 10 years in Hong Kong and currently teach students mostly from Canadian International School (CDNIS) and the Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF).

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Phonics (Ages 3-8)
Enjoy the best customized phonics and literacy classes in Hong Kong and your home now! All materials provided, including prizes, folders, worksheets, and more! See https://www.commongroundliteracy.com/why-cgl.html for more information.
Catch-Up/Clean-Up Literacy Classes
Suitable for older students who wish to improve their English pronunciation, speaking, comprehension, and any other English literacy/language skills you would like to practice. Whatever you want to learn, we can make a plan for it. See www.commongroundliteracy.com for more info.
Adult Literacy
Brush up or improve your English language and literacy skills with customizable classes where we waste no time getting down to business. The options are limited only by your imagination. See www.commongroundliteracy.com for more info.
General Literacy (phonics, English, literature)
Learn the most useful, concrete English language and literacy skills with Common Ground Literacy's cultivative, nurturing, and fun classes. Learn more at www.commongroundliteracy.com