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Chief Story Warrior. Certified TCSOL Chinese teacher. Certified Book Coach for Nonfiction. Author. Cat lover. Green Tea Lover. Coffee Lover. Botanical Lover. Music Lover. Movie Lover. Drama Lover. Museum Lover. Book Lover. Pattern and Textile Lover. Design Lover.

Iris is a certified TCSOL Chinese teacher and a training book coach for nonfiction through Author Accelerator. As a highly sensitive person with ADHD brain, she was/is highly interested in speech therapy, family therapy, movie therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, creative arts therapy, narrative therapy and positive psychology for self-help, especially for depression, severe headache, social anxiety, insomnia, urticaria, examinophobia, family conflicts, school bullies, workplace bullies and intraspecific discriminations. Since Iris majored in Bilingual Studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she likes translation as activism when she needs to preserve her mother language and culture. Apart from recording her family history, Iris also teaches The Gurkhas Descendents to record their family history in Hong Kong voluntarily. Also, she writes her true stories on World Pulse occasionally.

Meanwhile, she is writing her books “Memoir of The Endangered Translator” (Inspired by Hong Kong Translation Culture), “Goodbye, Holland Jardim’s Nanny” (Inspired by my family history), “Healing with Urticaria” (Inspired by my personal medical history) and “Women Without Their Own Rooms” (Inspired by Virginia Woolf), “Sick Men of East Asia” (Inspired by Bruce Lee), “Animal Farm 1997” (Inspired by George Orwell), “One Night In Beijing (Ghost Story)” and more. Besides, she is also a social changemaker and human rights fighter on World Pulse.

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