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Attained the highest level (5**) in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Mathematics. Experienced in teaching elementary mathematics to a wide age range of students (from 10- to 40+).

Hi all, this is Justin from Hong Kong! To be honest, I was not the sort of quick-witted high-achiever in the beginning. But with years of consistent effort according to certain studying methodologies, I finally made it and I believe you can too!

I am experienced in teaching elementary mathematics to a wide age range of students (from 10- to 40+). They have different aims --- no matter if it is about re-taking public exams/standardized tests, attaining diploma qualifications for the sake of job progression, or building up numeracy and a solid foundation in maths, I can travel the journey with you! It is not drudgery!

(can use control + F/command + F [Mac] to find whether my expertise below matches your need!)

Directed numbers, Approximate values and numerical estimation, Rational and irrational numbers, Using percentages, Rates, ratios and proportions, Algebraic expressions, Linear equations, Laws of integral indices, Identities, Formulae, Linear inequalities, Errors in measurement, Arc lengths and areas of sectors, 3-D figures, Mensuration, Polygons, deductive geometry, rectilinear geometry, Quadrilaterals, Centres of triangles, Pythagoras’ theorem, polar coordinate system, Quadratic equations, Functions and graphs, Exponential and (natural) logarithmic functions, polynomials, equations, Variations, Arithmetic and geometric sequences, Inequalities, linear programming, Locus, straight lines and circles, trigonometry, Permutation and combination, probability, Measures of dispersion, basic logic, introductory calculus, mathematical induction, binomial expansion, trigonometric identities, absolute values.

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