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Cambridge University Graduate Tutoring Maths, Chemistry and Physics Online.

I am a professional tutor with expertise in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, holding degrees in Chemistry and Physics (BA, MSci) from the University of Cambridge. My reputation is built on coaching students for physics, maths, and chemistry Olympiads, achieving consistently high success rates and propelling my students to the next round. Beyond honing skills for Olympiads, I advise my students in shaping successful Oxbridge applications, ensuring they not only excel in competitions but also secure admissions to top-tier universities across the UK.

My teaching style is characterized by a relaxed approach and a firm belief in the potential of all my students to attain excellence. I am known for giving clear explanations of difficult concepts and for finding strong connections between seemingly isolated ideas. During lessons, the emphasis is on worked examples, using these as a stepping stone to delve deeply into the underlying theory. Most notably, my A-level and IB students typically witness an improvement of at least one grade after one or two terms of lessons.

My tutoring prowess extends to being a recognized expert in British university entrance exams (NSAA and PAT) and interviews, consistently achieving high success rates in Physics, Chemistry, and Natural Sciences. With hundreds of hours spent working with students worldwide, my students are ready to tackle the most difficult exams and the hardest interviews.

I bring valuable experience in coaching students for chemistry, physics, and maths Olympiads, having earned a distinction in the UK Maths Olympiad round 1 and ranking among the top 25 chemists in the UK Chemistry Olympiad during my A-levels. My proficiency in Olympiads has only advanced since then.

Beyond tutoring, I am an active quantum scientist specializing in electronic structure—a branch of quantum mechanics that specialises in modelling electrons in molecules. Specifically, I am at the forefront of developing algorithms for quantum computers to address such challenges as an incoming PhD student at UC Berkeley. Beyond academia, I have a passion for making trousers and playing the piano.

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