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Using play to expand children’s English speech and language development.

Chit Chat n' Play believes that children can develop important communication, cognitive, physical, and social skills through play.

Chit Chat n' Play's playgroup is:
• Conducted entirely in English by a native English speaker with more than 8 years of experience
• Designed based on the age-appropriate communication milestones
• Limited to a maximum of 4 children per class focusing on ages 2-8
• Able to share developmental progress reports measuring speaking, listening, cognitive, motor, and social skills with comments and character development

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Class Types



Talking Toddlers Playgroup (2-3 YEARS)
A key aspect of each session is creative play, with a focus on establishing regular routines: SKILLSET DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PLAY: • Promotes Language and Literacy Skills • Develops Hand Eye Coordination • Develops Personal and Social Skills • Develops Colours, Numbers, and Shape Recognition
Time to Talk Playgroup (4-5 YEARS)
The children will be exposed to a wide range of age appropriate activities to help develop language, physical and cognitive abilities. SKILLSET DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PLAY • Promotes Language and Literacy Skills • Develops Personal and Social Skills • Develops Matching and Memory Skills
Language Booster Playgroup (6+ YEARS)
Small group work and individual activities help children build strong communication skills and early literacy to improve fluency, increase vocabulary and articulation in reading. SKILLSET DEVELOPMENT THROUGH PLAY • Promotes Language & Literacy Skills • Encourages Discussion & Observational Skills
Online Classes
Flexible and personalized one-on-one and group lessons available upon request.