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Experienced online native English teacher

I want to help you achieve your desired level of English. I am a British speaking teacher. I am TEFL certified and I taught in Spain (both privately and in company classes) for more than 9 years and a further 4 years online from the UK.

My classes are online only. I provide contemporary lesson material which I send prior to each class and you will be speaking a lot, - It is all about you upping your level!

I offer tuition to adults: maybe you want business oriented classes, pronunciation improvement, listening comprehension. Maybe you are considering emigrating and need to polish up on your fluency, speak more like a native and less corporate? Practice Qs & A's for an interview in English?

For more info, please get in touch to arrange a complementary 15 min zoom introduction meeting.

A final comment: If you are prepared to study in between classes and be consistent attending classes, then I'm looking forward to working with you and seeing noticeable improvements within a few months.

price one hour including material. 360HKD.

Comments from Students/ Parents/ Employers Date 2020-03-16
Gabrielle是好用心, 有耐性和令人容易明白的英文老師. 令我獲益不少

Matthew NG
--------------------------------------- 2020-03-16


Eric Hung, Hong Kong.
--------------------------------------- 2020-07-27

Gabrielle is a very experienced and patient teacher who is able to cope with the learning pace of my girl's language skill set. There is a significant boost in my girl’s confidence in speaking English and enrichment of her vocabulary bank in writing assignments. I would recommend Gabrielle to those who are looking for all-round enhancement of English level.

Karman Leung (Parent of 12 years old girl in Hong Kong)
--------------------------------------- 2020-07-27

我很高興可以跟 Gabrielle 學習英語, 她準確指出我需要糾正的地方, 加強我在英語應用的能力及信心. 除此之外, 課堂上她也有介紹一些英國/西班牙的風土人情, 令課堂加添趣味及增進知識.

CK Chan
--------------------------------------- 2020-11-20

Gabrielle 是一個好用心好有系統教英文的老師。她會度身訂做適合的教材給予學生,不論你是小朋友或成年人,她都能針對你的情況來改善你的英文聽講讀的能力。我的女兒十二歲,剛剛完成了與Gabrielle的單對單英文練習約五個月,女兒的英文由以往約60多分躍升到接近到90分,當中的英語會話能力更達至92分,成績相當理想。如果妳想於短時間內好好改善英文,我會大力推薦Gabrielle!!

--------------------------------------- 2021-07-02

給Gabrielle 老師:


Ben 2021-11-16

--------------------------------------- 2022-08-28
我是Sandra。 我已經上 Gabrielle 的課程 4 個月了。 她喜歡教學和分享。 她為每個不同級別的學生量身定制課程。
從第一天到現在,我變得更加自信,開始與外國人交流,她也啟發了我開始寫作漫畫。 我以前從未有過這樣的經歷。 我覺得很感興趣。 她值得推薦給正在尋找老師並想提高自己的人。

Sandra Cha

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