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A final year computer science major at HKU seeking students who need help to build basics or learn advanced levels in Mathematics and Physics.

From a very small age, I was blessed to have teachers who helped me build a very strong foundation in Mathematics and Physics in particular, and I am grateful to them even today. I understand the value of building the basic blocks because that is what helps one to not only excel in that particular subject but also helps to increase logical thinking.

I have been taking part in national and international level olympiads from a very small age and have cleared several well-known olympiads like NTSE and KYPY among others. I am also an IIT-JEE rank holder, one of the toughest Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics entrance examinations across the world.

I can help you to enjoy the subject, to understand it, to change your thinking, your approach towards the subject and that it is all I want; to change your life as my teachers did for me.

I also have a fifth-year degree in Indian classical singing and violin, and you can find more about my songs, on YouTube and instagram. I am inclined on teaching singing as well but only Indian classical music in particular.

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