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I am an experienced biology tutor that will help you achieve top grades in a fun and engaging way. Teach all ages, including GCSE and A-Levels.

I am a graduate of University College London (UCL) with a BSc(Hons) in Pharmacology and Physiology and have a true passion for science. I have historically worked for Scientific Instruments company in the UK that dealt with top Pharma clients such as GSK and Pfizer. My dissertation at University was 'Investigating the Role of NMDA Receptors in the Basal Ganglia in Parkinson’s Disease'. I would like to use my scientific knowledge in biology to help students achieve their full potential.

In terms of my teaching experience, I have experience in private tutoring Biology students at the secondary school level, includes IB and A-Levels. I have previously tutored Island School students under the ESF curriculum, such as using the Pearson book. I assisted the students on learning via mind maps and photographic resources. I quizzed the student per week using multiple choice questions on what they learnt the previous week. My tutoring assisted the GCSE students in achieving A* exam results.

I have also taught English in various schools in Hong Kong, ranging from ages 3-5 and ages 4-6. I taught them how to read stories, did worksheets and played games with the children in the classroom. I also have experience with teaching in various schools in Hong Kong such as EtonHouse Kindergarten summer school in 2010, but have worked with other schools as well during my summer period when i was a student.

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