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Wanna play music and become a Pro? Ask me how! I can teach how to play Bass/Guitar, Drums and beatmaking, how to produce a track by yourself, from the idea to the top music streaming platforms. You will discover all the technical aspects of "being an artist" on the way .

Hello! My name is Alex. And for the last 10 years I worked in a music and show industry. I was a former, manager of the several bands, performing songs, written by ourself and covers for the most popular worlds and local hits. Also worked as an event manager and as the team member creating: events, music gigs (for local and international artists), music masterclasses, open air city-scale festivals, music/business conferences.
I’ve used to combine different roles and tasks, which lead me to understand creative process from many perspectives. My IT background helped me understand all the technical sides of work.

I can teach how to use all the modern music tools and software:
- on your laptop or mobile device if you are a begginer, or
- deeper Studio/stage knowledges in GEAR and "Performing in front of the people", if u are already started to apply yourself on the stage.
- Advanced Bass guitar play, Guitar, Old school, new school techniques
- Music theory undersdanding.
- Covering and performing songs U like.
- How to produce your own song.
- Vocal basics

Can work with group, private and online oriented padawan's.
Fully vaccinated

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