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Mindful Pilates

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Mindful Pilates

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Mindful Pilates is dedicated to providing the best quality, yet safe Pilates programs for everyone. We believe that mindfulness and relaxation are the keys to mastering effective and efficient body movements.

To us, Pilates is more than just a body strengthening tool. It is a vehicle for mindful living, bridging the gap between our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as helping us find overall balance.

Targeting deep postural muscles and focusing on movement quality, Pilates is an excellent healing aid and an effective prevention tool against back problems. It is widely recommended by health specialists for its rehabilitative effects while improving physical fitness.

At Mindful Pilates, we especially highlight the importance of establishing body awareness, flowing breath and detailed observation in each Pilates session. These mindful movement techniques help our students develop deeper internal connections and achieve fluid movement with poise.

Our detailed guidance and hands-on correction encourage students to unravel physical and mental imbalances, master correct muscular recruitment and movement patterns. Therefore, learners can easily regain core strength, improve their alignment, mobility and flexibility, as well as finding relaxation and calmness within themselves.

Mindful Pilates is community of like-minded people working on their wellness goals together. We maintain a safe and supportive family-style environment covering a wide variety of needs, including women’s health, athletic performances, chronic pain, senior care, cancer rehab, and injury recovery.

We welcome all who are intrigued to learn more about efficient and effective movement to enhance everyday life on both a physical and mental level. With our commitment and inclusivity, everyone can benefit from practicing Pilates regardless of age, gender, and physical ability.

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8/F, On Lan Centre, No.11-15 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong