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Blossom Education

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Blossom is an online learning platform aiming to provide a comprehensive learning experience (CLE) for secondary students at their fingertips. Blossom believes in changing the learning environment and model for students.

Blossom is an all-in-one online education platform that incorporates a wide range of features to prepare high school candidates for public exams. Our platform provides a myriad of online tutorial courses, and a hub for HKDSE and IB candidates to connect with one another. To further enhance students’ engagement levels and combat procrastination, our platform offers a gamified Pomodoro timer for them to stay focused during revision.

Having conducted focus group research on high school students, our team discovered 3 key challenges in the local educational space. Not only does the examination mode in Hong Kong promote a toxic and excessively competitive learning atmosphere, but it also demotivates students from pursuing what they are passionate about. The provision of existing tutorial classes may not be of great help due to its unaffordability. Despite the development of multiple online learning platforms, there is an absence of platforms that satisfy all students’ needs in preparing for public exams.
The establishment of Blossom aims to nurture a positive and motivational learning environment for students to learn, improve and focus. By providing a one-stop platform that cater all students’ needs, we encourage students to assist one another and share study tips and materials. Instead of competition, we promote collaboration.

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