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IB Diploma Online Tutor (Flexible)

Your Role

This is not a full-time position. This is a contract-based partnership.
We are finding tutors to create video courses and study materials for particular subjects and we will be splitting the revenue with you on our platform.
You can take this role as a personal side hustle while working as a full-time job elsewhere or studying in university.

I, the founder of Blossom, have sold over USD$100k online courses in the past two years. I will teach you how to make a good revenue if you can create good content and are passionate about education.

Essential Qualifications/Skills

- Scored a 7 in the subject you would like to tutor
- Studying / Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in any discipline
- Have at least 1 year of experience of tutoring
- Be able to work collaboratively with us
- Be internationally-minded
- Be able to work on an agile basis
- passionate about education

What we will provide

- Work out the online courses with you and teach you how to do a good delivery
- Quality checking on your work
- Marketing campaigns
- Administrative work for all the sales and notes delivery
- An attractive revenue split

International BaccalaureateExam Preparation
EconomicsSocial Science

OnlineHong Kong Island

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