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Hi, my name is Win Liu. I am a 18 year old student who has just completed the IB Diploma Programme at Singapore International School.

I currently have a predicted grade of 45/45 and am waiting for my IB results. I have applied to various UK and SG medical schools (which I can offer help and insight into).
I am offering to tutor secondary-school level students in the following areas/subjects:
1. Biology (pre-IGCSE, IGCSE and IB HL)
2. Chemistry (pre-IGCSE, IGCSE and IB HL)
3. Economics (pre-IGCSE, IGCSE and IB HL)
4. English (basic language skills, and for IB Language & Literature SL)
5. Mathematics (pre-IGCSE, IGCSE and IB MAA SL)
6. Chinese B (IB HL)
7. Science EEs and IAs 
8. Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
9. Medicine Applications (UK, SG schools; personal statement editing, medicine interview preparations, other general advice)
10. UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) (Advice and Help)

I am open to both online classes and face-to-face tutoring (Up until the first week of July). My details are given below for your reference.

IB Subjects taken:
Higher Level: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Chinese B
Standard Level: English Language and Literature, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches

IGCSE scores: (7 A* 3A)
A*: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Global Perspectives, First Language English and Chinese as a Second Language.
A: World Literature, Computer Science, Additional Mathematics

EconomicsSocial Science
Primary School MathsMathematics
IGCSEExam Preparation
Interview SkillsCommunication
Secondary SchoolInstitution
International BaccalaureateExam Preparation

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