Post a Job Free

Post a Job Free

Every student and school account has one free job post that can be used indefinitely.

If your job posting is less than 14 days old, only users with an Earlybird account or a Featured account can contact you through the job post.
After 14 days you can be contacted by users with basic free accounts too.

Post a Job

To post a free job you need to be using either a student or school account. Go to your dashboard and select "Edit Jobs".

Publish Your Job Post
Published Job Post
This job post has been published.

Job posts are put online by publishing them. They can then be hidden by setting them to unpublished. Unpublishing and then republishing a job post won't affect the timestamp the job was first put online. To set the job as new, you will need to reset the job instead.

Job Rankings

Jobs are ranked in search results by two main criteria: account type and publish date. Featured job posts are always listed above basic job posts and within those two sections newer jobs are listed above older jobs.

If you would like to improve your job ranking the best way is to upgrade to a Featured plan. Otherwise, you can make the job new again by clicking the reset job button. This will push the job to the top of the non-featured jobs. Be aware though, if you're on a free Basic plan, this will also mean that other free Basic plan users won't be able to contact you via that job for 14 days again! Only Earlybird and Featured plan users will be able to apply for your job until 14 days have passed. Afterwards, everyone can apply again.

Free Basic plan users may need to make the decision whether it's better to have a high ranking new job where only premium plan users can apply, or have a lower ranking job post where anyone can apply.