If you are looking to learn something or teach something, then you are eligible for an account on Tutor Seek.

There are three types of account you can sign up for and each suit a different role. It's important to make sure you sign up for the right one as each serve a different purpose and will function differently.

Tutor Accounts

If you are teaching something to others, you are eligible for a tutor account on Tutor Seek. If you represent a school however, you will be better off creating a school account instead.

Tutors get their own profile page where they can can explain what classes they are offering, add a suitable profile picture of themselves, display class types and prices, show photos of past classes in action, and even upload a video introducing themselves.

Student Accounts

If you are looking to learn something, whether it be via private lessons, in an education centre or through a school, you are eligible for a student account.

Students don't have a profile page but they can post a job ad for free, allowing tutors and schools to contact them with the inbuilt Tutor Seek Messenger. Once you have made initial contact you are free to communicate via other means, or you can continue to use the Tutor Seek Messenger if you're not yet ready to share your contact details.

School Accounts

If you represent a company that teaches something, then you are eligible for a school account. It does not need to be a school in a traditional sense; for example it could be a tutorial centre, a sporting club, an art jam studio, a driving school etc.

Schools are able to post a job for free, allowing any teachers who have a tutor account to apply. Schools also have a profile page where they can upload photos of their campus and classes, a profile photo which is a great spot for a logo, or a representative photo. They can also provide information about their school, add a link to their website, a list of branches, and add markers to the map users can see while searching. Not to mention upload an introductory video, and provide a list of available classes. Out of the three account types, schools have the most options!