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Experienced British English teacher

I have lived and worked in Hong Kong for 8 years now, in both kindergartens and tutorial centres.
My teaching style is very simple; have fun and be engaged. Being in Hong Kong has made me be aware of just how stressful and the amount of pressure children and adults are under. It is extremely sad to see it first-hand in children especially. I believe that teaching must be done in a fun and relaxed way, which has been scientifically proven to increase the ease and capacity our brains allow for new information to be absorbed (I can send you the article if you want!).
Unfortunately, during this pandemic, it has increased the risk of making house visitations, otherwise you would be able to see I am quite an active teacher. I will try to extend my passion and knowledge through these online classes! Don't worry!

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1 hour lessons (1:1) for both children and adults.
1 hour (1:1) for practical conversation practice, comprehension, composition
Public Speaking
45 mins (1:1) Training for The Hong Kong Speech Festival, public engagements etc.