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Coach / Tutor (English, Math, IT and writing)

I would regard myself as a person passionate about coaching and teaching person

Since my graduation with Computing science and Math major years ago, I started my career in IT field. Out of an unexpected encountering I also stepped in the new horizon of education field. I worked as a lecturer for IT and business related IT courses in some of the local and overseas universities for over 13 years.

Private tutoring started late 2000, several years after the life of lecturing. It has been another 12 years. I have been helping students of different grades with English, Math and IT subjects.

I believe "coaching and tutoring" is much more than just delivering knowledge across. Students have repeatedly been experiencing this kind of knowledge delivery from their teachers / lecturers in their schools every day. Had they understood what I delivered to them, they should have already understood those delivered by their teachers in school and would not have faced any difficulty. Of course, the root causes of it could sometimes be behind what we can imagine. I came across some students with problems which included emotional frustration due to divorce of his parents, child's ADHD, typical teenage problem of relationship, etc. Usually, those are deeply hidden and untold and that is why even parents may not be aware of since they think they know their kids inside out.

For me, it is challenging. Each student is unique with their own difficulties, worries, personality and so on... Each of these students, to me, is a coaching project. No one (including I, the student, his or her parents) wants a failure of the project in the end.

Knowing where to start is prime important to a student. Most of the time, only a few came to me with clear need. Most of them were probably in their misery with the subjects that they could not muddle through. If the student is a kid before high school, getting to know his/her experience, how they learn, homework and life pattern, etc particularly important for me find the root cause. And it would also pull us closer and enable the mutual trust which would make the teaching much more effective.

Academically, I would tailor the material for them according to their level and need with the aim of getting them back on the track. Moreover, the material and the way of tutoring would be tuned along with on~going tracking of their progress. It makes the outcome more promising. Should you need my help, contact me and we can discuss how I can help.


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