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My name is Paige. I’m a NET teacher working in an international kindergarten, and a Montessori teacher under AMI training who used to study linguistics in two universities. My teaching methods are sensory based. It blends with art, music and literature.

I also have a native proficiency in Cantonese, speak fluent Mandarin, and elementary Russian. I was raised with classical music, ballet, and track and field training. I’m also confident in tutoring SEN students as I work well with them.

I'm quite the expert in hunting down just the right material to pique my students' interests. I provide tailor-made lessons for each student, lively enough to help generate results and at the same time cultivate passion towards this beautiful language. I always believe pure efforts will be found only where curiosity lies. And with the help of my expertise, children will be able to tap into their true potential with ease.

I can map out students’ potentials and soft spots and teach them how to utilise this knowledge in order to help themselves grow as an individual learner.


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