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A bubbly English tutor who strives to create a productive yet enjoyable learning environment.

Hey there! I'm a foreigner who's proficient in English (reading, writing and speaking) and loves teaching!

- Trained students, held mock examinations, and provided exercises in preparation for the English IELTS
Speaking and Writing examinations
- Engaged Grade 5 and 6 students in a variety of grammar, tenses, writing, and speaking exercises. Held mock interviews and public speaking to enhance their conversational English and build their confidence.
- Taught the fundamental French level A1 and A2 grammar rules and basic pronunciation rules, beginner-level tenses, and vocabulary of a wide range of topic areas.

- A+ in English for Science
- A- in University English
- A* in IGCSE English Language
- Distinction in Wiseman Education Level 5; Top 2 School Ranking in Level 4
- Graduated from St. Paul's Convent School (Secondary)
- Currently studying in City University, majoring in BSc Chemistry.

My aim is to raise the confidence of my students and help them harness their true potential by creating a productive yet enjoyable learning environment. I value the importance of putting my pupils at ease and thinking outside the box in search of fun, alternative methods to get their creative juices flowing!

For genuinely interested parties, please Whatsapp me. Thank you!


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