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我係一位有經驗嘅英文同數學導師,專門教高小同初中學生。我亦可以教授S4/S5 HKDSE英文、數學同經濟。

Conducted oral lessons for students of various ages and levels - You prepared PowerPoint presentations on different topics that were interesting to the students, such as space exploration, animal habitats, the internet, and advertisements. These lessons were catered to each student's age and level, and you tailored your teaching methods to help them improve their oral communication skills.

Taught English writing skills to secondary school students - You conducted English writing classes for a student preparing for the HKDSE Writing Skills exam. You created writing worksheets that focused on key skills and provided intensive notes on DSE writing to help students improve their writing abilities.

Conducted grammar classes for primary school students - You used past papers from schools to drill questions, helping students to identify and correct common grammar mistakes. You also prepared other grammar materials based on the students' school textbooks to help them gain a better understanding of English grammar rules.

Conducted interview classes for primary and secondary school students - You prepared lesson notes to help students prepare for interviews and taught them an answering technique called the "3 Golden Points." You also helped students to polish their self-introductions and prepared them to answer questions in a group setting.

Conducted group interview classes for primary school students - You prepared lesson notes to help students prepare for group interviews and taught them how to answer questions effectively in a group setting. You also talked about social issues and prepared students to discuss these topics in an interview context.

For my oral lessons, I like to always engage my students for discussion, I always ask them for the topic they wish to learn. For my writing classes, I teach them synonyms to make their writing sound better, I teach them idioms as well as linking words to make their writing sound professional. For my grammar class, it can be quite boring, I like to add some games or put some "misconceptions or common mistakes", I find that when students see common mistakes, they are often interested in knowing why it's wrong and learn how to avoid it. Keeping my students engaged, interested is ideal.

Tutored a secondary school student in HKDSE Mathematics - I provided one-on-one tutoring sessions to a S4 student in preparation for the HKDSE Mathematics exam. I designed exercises to improve the student's understanding of key mathematical concepts and encouraged them to create study notes to aid in their revision. I also worked with the student to identify their weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome them. Through this process, I aimed to help the student achieve their academic goals and gain confidence in their mathematical abilities.


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HKDSE S4/S5 Economics (ENG)
$200/hr (Online) $230/hr (F2F)
1.5hour(s) Online, 1 hour private Please message me if you require more hours.
$250 (Online), $280 (F2F)
2 hours Online, 1.5 hours (F2F)
Junior Secondary English (S1-3)
$180/hour (Online), $200(F2F)
1 hour (Online), 1.5 hours (F2F)
$200/hour (Online & F2F)
1.5 hour (Online), 2 hours (F2F)
$230/hour (Online & F2F)
1.5 hour (Online), 2 hours (F2F)
$230 (Online & F2F)
1.5 hours (Online), 2 hour (F2F)