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Third-year undergraduate physicist at Oxford. Teaches maths, physics, and further maths at all levels. Can help with software engineering and data science projects. Personal Statement Coach.

3 years of Freelance tutoring. More than 90 percent of students enter their first-choice university.

To me, Physics is a creative application of logic and intuition to solve problems in the real world. We are trained to be able to look at problems, identify the assumptions, and understand what goes on below the surface of vision. As a result, we are often able to view a problem from an outsider’s perspective and construct an original solution that may not be apparent at first sight.

Approach to teaching:
My approach to teaching is twofold. First, I place a strong emphasis on the understanding of the very fundamentals of a subject. Second, I make sure that my students have the ability (and the toolkit) to manipulate problems effectively. I believe that with these two components, anyone can be trained to solve problems in the fields of physics and mathematics.

Academic Qualifications:
Completed IB Diploma with grade 7 in all subjects (highest mark)
Completed GCSE program with A* in all 9 subjects
Pursuing an MPhys (Master of physics) at Keble College, Oxford

Additional Experience:
Senior consultant-- Oxford Strategy Group Digital: works directly with Tencent to enhance AI recommendation engine.
Participant-- Oxford Hackathon: developed a web-based, voice-controlled game on GCP in 24 hours.
Head of Engineering and CFO--German-Swiss Int'l School Robotics Team: Designed waterproof circuitry of underwater robot.

Fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin


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Physics 1-on-1, tailor made syllabus
Syllabus that is tailored to the student's needs. Every class comes with a presentation, class notes, homework (with worked solutions), and a student report.
Physics IB/A-Levels
Follows the relevant syllabus, every class comes with class notes and homework.
Physics GCSE
Follows the GCSE syllabus
Mathematics (Higher Level)
HL Mathematics or Further Mathematics. Each Class comes with Class notes
Mathematics (GCSE)
Follows the relevant GCSE syllabus
Personal Statement Coaching
UCAS STEM personal statements. US Personal Statements
SAT/ACT Maths, SAT Math lvl 2, SAT Physics
SAT and SAT subject test prep.