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Native English Speaker from London, England. Currently teaching English in Hong Kong - Passionate about making learning fun!

- Currently teaching English and Creative Writing to students aged 7-15.
- I have a 250 hour TEFL certificate and a diploma in English language and Creative Writing.
- Geology and Geography Bachelors Degree, meaning I am also able to help with revision in these subjects and various sciences (High School Level)
- Originally from London, England. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a passion of mine, and Hong Kong is a wonderful city to learn!
- I try to maintain an engaging, creative and fun learning atmosphere for my students, and I am able to curate personalized goals and work for their abilities/requirements.


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Ellie May

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Creative Writing
1.5 hours in person/online. Creative writing practice, planning and writing itself covered in class. New vocabulary applied in creative writing pieces.