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Hey! I'm Kyleen and I have just completed my A levels (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics) in the UK. I would like to offer lessons for Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics (Year 9 to 11). I have been predicted 4 A* and have achieved 12 A* in GCSE. I'm starting HKU Medicine in Oct 2021.

My Academic Qualifications:

IGCSE (9-1 system + A* to G system)
Mathematics - 9
Further Mathematics - A* with Distinction
English Language - 9
English Literature - 9
Chemistry - 9
Biology - 9
Physics - 9
Spanish - A*
Geography - 9
Music - 8
Chinese - A*
Information, Communication and Technology - A*

Predicted 4A*s in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics

IELTS: 8.5

I am able to offer in-person and online lessons. Having studied in the UK for the past 4 years, I would be able to help with anything regarding settling into the UK so please feel free to ask me any questions.

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