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IGCSE & HKDSE Economics Teacher or Tutor

18 years experience in teaching IGCSE and HKDSE Economics, cheerful, energetic, patients and helpful, use variety examples to make students understand the base concept, enhance interest of learning and easy to memorize the theory and graphical explanation become not a problem at all. Experience in explaining past paper questions on both IGCSE and HKDSE economics! In 2012' as HKAL Economics marker!
經濟科老師和導師: 性格喜樂、有耐性、喜歡幫助解釋題目和基本理論,令學生容易掌握畫圖技考得分。IGCSE Economics 的長短題目也詳盡分析, 9分題目的數據分析也較容易掌握。

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